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Mar. 23rd, 2009


Metal Fight Beyblade: the long-awaited 4th season!

Beyblade's fans, the long-awaited 4th season will start on TV TOKYO next April 5th! 


The title of the new season will be "Metal Fight Beyblade"
We're all hoping it will be as good as the previous three series, even if the characters aren't the same.

Please, come to the forum for discussing it, probably we'll have also the subbed episodes ^__-


Jan. 15th, 2008


Forum and episodes

Forum went through a major renovation and we brought it back to life.
I would like to thank everyone who helped,especially the staff and the two new administrators,Tyson and Mudkipblader
Please,join us! ^___^


Here the episodes that ZeroPositive uploaded until now.A big big thanks to DranzerX13 for the links!
As you can see,there are lots of missing episodes(I'll try to check again my DVD for the Italian episodes).DranzerX13 made a forum for subbing anime and also Beyblade.Please,take a look and join!


-Beyblade 2001-

01.Bakuten Battle, Go Shoot!
02.Howl Seiryu! The Birth of Dragoon!
03.A New Friend, His Name is Max
04.Commencement! Battle Tournament
05.Crash! Max VS Kai
06.Sweep! Dragoon Storm
07.Takao VS Kai, Confrontation of Fate
08.BBA Team Formation, To The World
09.A New Holy Beast, The White Tiger Family
10.Run Up There! The Asian Tournament
11.Rei, The White Tiger is Lost!
12.Goodbye, BBA Team!
13.Cry Out Rei! Howl White Tiger
14.Defaults? A BBA Team Division
15.A Battle to the Finish! For The Top of Asia!
16.White Tiger VS Mountain Cat
17.Final Battle! Jet-Black Lightning
18.He is Defeated! The Small Blader
19.Landing, A New Battlefield
20.The Shivering American Power
21.Intensive Training! Seeking New Battle Power!
22.President VS Worldwide Selection
23.Commencement! American Tournament
24.American Hero Michael's Power
25.Semifinal, Super-High Speed Circuit!
26.Crash! The American Tournament Final
27.The Hot, Scorching Scorpion
28.Conclusion! The American Tournament
29.BBA: What's Left After The Heated Battle
30.The One Who Follows The Holy Beast
31.Going On A Journey to Europe, and a Disturbance
32.Assualt! Bladers of Darkness
33.The Corps of Black Shadow
34.The Gorgeous Holy Beast
35.Duel in the Colloseum
36.Crush it! Anpisbainer
37.Blader For The Queen
38.Formation! The Strongest European Team
39.Decide! Power to Victory
40.Deciding Area Russia
41.Here it Comes! The Door of Memory
42.The Person Who Desires The Strongest
43.The Nightmare Ceremony
44.Goodbye, Kai!
45.Dual at Baikal Lake
46.Vogue Invasion!
47.Meeting Again! European Team
48.Kai's Selection
49.Scream of The White Tiger
50.Snowfield of Revelations
51.Beyblade Eternally!

-Beyblade 2002-

01.A New Rival
02.The Riddle of The Blade Hunters
03.The Unseen Holy Beast
04.The Dreadful IQ Blader
05.Resurrected Kai!
06.Mag-Tram Menace
07.The Devised Challenge
08.Revival! BBA Team!
09.Forested Battle Stadium
10.Crash into Darkness
11.Solitary Island's Decisive Battle
12.Howl! Dranzer
13.Outlaw Bey-Battle
14.The Made Holy Beast
15.I Want To See The Holy Beast
16.Tragedy of The Cyber-Blader
17.Prelude To Fate
18.Kane's Reunion
19.Respective Battles
20.The Decision to Tomorrow
21.Battle Tower Conspiracy
22.Draciel's Crisis
23.The Battlefield Promise
24.Phantom in The Fog
25.Electric Holy Beast NO.4
26.The Shivering Cyber
27.Wildly Running Tower's Last Moment
28.New York Lithograph Riddle
29.Max, A Friend's Scream
30.Resurrected Lithograph's Strength
31.Lithograph Holy Beast's Attack
32.The Forgotten Soul
33.Saint Shields
34.Masked Spider
35.Faceless Assassin
36.Max and Marium
37.Amusement Park Battleground
38.Fated Battle
39.Bonds and Pride
40.Proof of Friendship
41.Suddenly, Sayonara...
42.The Evil Part Hunt
43.Kai's Revenge Battle
44.Before The World Battle, A Night of Trouble
45.Raising The Curtain! Zeo VS Ozuma
46.Black and White's Magic Hand
47.Liberated Malice
48.Severe Earthquake Battle Noise
49.Takao VS Kai - Friendship's Battle
50.Greatest Final Battle in History
51.Fated Final Battle

-Beyblade G Revolution-

01.Takao, Let's Battle!
02.We're Not Friends!
03.Scores For Me
04.I Will Decide My Own Way
05.Hundred Years Earlier!
06.Nothing But Kai!
07.Depending on You!
08.This isn't Training!
09.1+1 = is infinity!
10.Come and Finish This!
11.It's Not My Fault!
12.A Turnaround Opening Play
13.Kyoujyu is Kyoujyu!
14.Do it For Me!
15.We're Partners!?
16.Don't Interfere!
17.Be Careful, Daichi!
18.Making A Good Impression!
20.Don't Lose...Takao
21.You're Out of Touch!
22.You Can Win if it's You!
23.Once More...
24.Power at Full Force!!
26.All Right!
27.Interesting Power!
28.Not Yet!
29.I'm Right Here
30.It's Not Over!!
31.See Ya!
32.I Don't Get it!
34.My Name is...
35.It's Nice To See You
36.This is No Joke!
38.Look to Hell
39.BBA's Ultimate Weapon
40.You Give Up?
41.What Are You Planning?
42.Mister X!
43.Are You Ready?
44.I'll Definately Win!
46.Tres Bien!
48.It's Love...!
50.You Underdog!
51.You Annoy Me!
52.Go, Shoot!

Jul. 6th, 2007


Last episodes

My PC crashed T___T I had episodes on DVD,but for some reason I can rip them,it seems the CD/DVD player doesn't work anymore *see money going out of my wallet*.
I found them in English anyway.
But if some of you downloaded them previously from my site,please,upload them,thanks in advance!

Il mio PC ha fuso T___T Avevo gli episodi su DVD,ma non riesco ad caricarli,sembra che il lettore del computer non funzioni più *vedo euro che volano fuori dal mio portafoglio*
Li ho trovati in inglese per ora.
Se qualcuno li avesse scaricati in precedenza dal mio sito,sarebbe così gentile da caricarli per gli altri?Grazie in anticipo*


Serie 1-49.[ENG]A Wicked Wind Blows - [ITA]Il ruggito della tigre bianca


Serie 2-49.[ENG]The enemy within - [ITA]Il momento della verità

Serie 3-49.[ENG]Principles of victory - [ITA]Retaggio familiare

Serie 1-50.[ENG]New and cyber-improved - [ITA]Apocalisse sulla neve

Serie 2-50.[ENG]Clash of the Tyson - [ITA]La più grande battaglia della storia

Serie 3-50.[ENG]Welcome to my nightmare - [ITA]Si va allo spareggio

Serie 1-51.[ENG]The final showdown - [ITA]Il trionfo finale

Serie 2-51.[ENG]Destiny of the final battle - [ITA]L'ultima battaglia

Serie 3-51.[ENG]Brooklyn's back/Beybattle for the ages - [ITA]La resa dei conti/Ricordi oscuri

Beyblade G Revolution,episode 51,ending/La parte finale tagliata dell'episodio 51 della G Revolution

Jun. 25th, 2007


Ep 47-48

We're almost at the end.Episode 47 of  2nd season is missing,so don't ask if I've it,'cause the answer is no

Siamo quasi arrivati alla fine.L'episodio 47 della seconda serie manca,quindi non chidetemi se ce l'ho,perché la risposta è no

Serie 1-47.[ENG]A lesson for Tyson - [ITA]Battaglia sul ghiaccio


Serie 2-Episode 47
Missing episode / Episodio mancante

Serie 3-47.[ENG]Now you're making me mad - [ITA]Il ritorno di Kai

Serie 1-48.[ENG]Victory in defeat- [ITA]Una decisione difficile

Serie 2-48.[ENG]Deceit from above - [ITA]Grand finale

Serie 3-48.[ENG]Beyblading Spirit - [ITA]Resisti Kai!

Jun. 6th, 2007


Eps 45-46

As promised,episodes 45 and 46,enjoy! ^^

Come promesso,eccovi gli episodi 45 e 46,buona visione! ^^

Serie 1-45.[ENG]Breaking the ice - [ITA]Sfida sul lago Baijkal


Serie 2-45.[ENG]Zeo vs Ozuma - [ITA]Il mondiale entra nel vivo

Serie 3-45.[ENG]Max to the Maxx - [ITA]Sfida decisiva

Serie 1-46.[ENG]First strike- [ITA]Un amico ritrovato

Serie 2-46.[ENG]Black and white evil powers - [ITA]Scorrettezze

Serie 3-46.[ENG]The return of Kai - [ITA]Ripensamenti

Jun. 4th, 2007


Eps 43-44

Here episodes 43 and 44.Wednesday or Thursday I'll post also eps 45 and 46 ^^

Eccovi gli episodi 43 e 44.Mercoledì o giovedì(magari se riesco anche prima) vi posto anche gli episodi 45 e 46

Serie 1-43.[ENG]Live and let Kai! - [ITA]Sfide poco amichevoli


Serie 2-43.[ENG]Kai's royale flush - [ITA]La rivincita di Kai

Serie 3-43.[ENG]Sing Ming Ming Sing! - [ITA]L'apparenza inganna

Serie 1-44.[ENG]Losing Kai - [ITA]Perdere un amico

Serie 2-44.[ENG]The calm before the storm - [ITA]Una vigilia movimentata

Serie 3-44.[ENG]Refuse to lose - [ITA]Nobili intenti

May. 15th, 2007


Eps 41-42

Here episodes 41 and 42.We're almost at the end.When I'll finish,I'll post a list with all the links to episodes,for people who missed them ^^

Eccovi gli episodi 41 e 42.Siamo quasi alla fine.Quando concluderò,posterò una lista di tutti gli episodi con i relativi link,in modo che possiate recuperarli facilmente ^^

Serie 1-41.[ENG]Out of the past - [ITA]Antichi ricordi riaffiorano alla mente


Serie 2-41.[ENG]Who is your daddy? - [ITA]Un addio inspiegabile

Serie 3-41.[ENG]And Justive-Five for all! - [ITA]Provare e riprovare

Serie 1-42.[ENG]Drawn to the the darkness - [ITA]Il sogno di Kai

Serie 2-42.[ENG]Fortunes dear and dire - [ITA]I cacciatori

Serie 3-42.[ENG]When you wish upon a star - [ITA]Un talento insolito

May. 4th, 2007


Eps 39-40

Sorry for the late,I took a little holiday far from my city,but now I'm back ^^ Enjoy episodes 39 and 40

Scusate il ritardo,ho fatto un piccola vacanza in montagna,ma ora sono tornata ^^ Buona visione degli episodi 39 e 40

Serie 1-39.[ENG]A Majestic battle...a Majestic victory?- [ITA]Uniti si vince


Serie 2-39.[ENG]The bit beats bond - [ITA]Legami inscindibili

Serie 3-39.[ENG]Rebel alliance - [ITA]L'arma segreta

Serie 1-40.[ENG]Hot battle in a cold town - [ITA]Il primo giorno in Russia

Serie 2-40.[ENG]Squeeze play - [ITA]Una dimostrazione di amicizia

Serie 3-40.[ENG]Back to basics - [ITA]Sbagliando si impara


Apr. 24th, 2007


Eps 37-38

Episodes 37 and 38 from all the three series are ready to download,enjoy!!!

Gli episodi 37 e 38 di tutte e tre le serie sono pronti per essere scaricati,buona visione!!!

Serie 1-37.[ENG]A knight to remember - [ITA]La sfida in Germania

Serie 2-37.[ENG]Beybattle at the bit beast corral - [ITA]Sfida al lunapark

Serie 3-37.[ENG]The Bega challenge - [ITA]La controproposta

Serie 1-38.[ENG]Olympia challenge - [ITA]La grande sfida

Serie 2-38.[ENG]The fate of the spark battle - [ITA]Sfida a quattro

Serie 3-38.[ENG]Bega on the rise - [ITA]Discriminazioni

Apr. 17th, 2007


Eps 35-36

And here we are in our new home!I hope you'll like it!
For knowing something more,please,read the PROFILE page ^________^
Of course I'll continue to post episodes here ^^ This time I upped eps 35 and 36.Unfortunately I don't have ep 36 from second serie and the same episode from 3rd season isn't complete.

Eccoci nella nostra nuova "casa"!
Per saperne di più,cliccate su PROFILE ^_____^
Ovviamente continuo a postare qui gli episodi ^^ Questa volta ho messo gli episodi 35 e 36.Purtroppo non ho l'episodio 36 della seconda serie e quello della terza è incompleto.
Comunque,buon download

Serie 1-35.[ENG]When in Rome...beyblade! - [ITA]Takao nell'arena

Serie 2-35.[ENG]See no bit beast,hear no bit beast - [ITA]Nemico invisibile

Serie 3-35.[ENG]Pros and ex cons - [ITA]Che fare?

Serie 1-36.[ENG]A deja vu all over again - [ITA]Una sonora sconfitta

Serie 3-36.[ENG]Boris,the blade stops here - [ITA]Confronti diretto